Eugenics suggested

An opinion we cannot accept. A public event in which eugenics was presented as a solution to some national problems of Finland.

Place Kokkola, Finland on November 30, 2015. Writer Anneli Meriläinen wants to improve the Finnish heritage or genes by importing a large number of immigrants to Finland. She seems to look down on the Finnish people. Lecturer Meriläinen mentioned (actually very rare) inherited diseases, which are typical to the Finns.

In discussion forums most people have condemned Meriläinen’s views and thought that they were dubious, wrong, a kind of racism or even worse. Also the Social Democrats and its ex-chair have met with harsh criticism.

aap-urpilAn ex-chairwoman of the Social Democratic Party of Finland Jutta Urpilainen is removing those who oppose Meriläinen’s eugenic plan

However in the event no one was allowed to criticize Meriläinen’s eugenic suggestion. Listeners could not say their opinion or to protest against eugenics and Meriläinen’s views. Finnish MP Jutta Urpilainen told all protesters to leave the event and the police came. She lost her temper and screamed, just like Meriläinen, as you can see on the next youtube video (in Finnish).


Anneli Meriläinen and MP Nasima Razmyar

This time their message was not typical leftist propaganda. The old lady (left) wants to improve the genes and the young woman is in the refugee business and wants to benefit from the crisis.


Kokkola, Finland on November 30, 2015 Eugenics was the racist pseudoscience determined to wipe away all human beings deemed ”unfit,” preserving only those who conformed to a Nordic stereotype. This time the lecturer suggests eugenics to justify the mixing of human genes – using force.


The mainstream media has told nothing about this event. This is censorship.

And the local media has told very little, only that some listeners protested (against what?) and they were told to leave. It has misled the public and been silent on Meriläinen’s eugenic suggestion.  The local media did not tell why some listeners protested. This is really misleading.

Local YLE journalist Heidi Maria Harju wrote in her article only that the police was needed to remove the protesters, but she did not give any words of why they protested. The journalist did not mention eugenics at all. She told that the event was organised by the Social Democratic Party of Finland and an educational association.

No YLE nor the local newspaper mentioned at all the eugenic nature of the presentation. And what are the eugenic measures, which will take place?


Why Meriläinen and the leftist MPs promoted eugenics, which is highly discredited? Like so many other similar cases, this event and its background is shrouded in secrecy.


Links, Finnish discussion forums, EU, Suomi ja pakolaistulva Kokkola 30.11.2015, video and comments (in Finnish)


Some comments in Finnish, taken from these discussion forums

kommentti-1This is a racialist theory, when it claims that this people has ”bad” genes (of course here Meriläinen lied, the genes cannot be valued). This (discredited) theory tries to justify a (massive) immigration in the public event.


How these politicians try to mix the genes of a people? Forced marriages or what?



The next comment condemns Meriläinen’s racialist talk and how she wants to change the genes of the Finns. This racism was not mentioned at all in the YLE article.




The next comment mentions the rapes committed by illegal immigrants. Are the rapes used as eugenic measures the commenter ponders. And are the rapes silently accepted by the Social Democrats.


What took place in Cologne and why the European media hid this news for 4 days? It told nothing on January 1st. Only on January 5, 2016 the media told about incidents in Cologne



MP Nasima Razmyar is in the refugee accommodation business. (Like the Red Cross and some hotel owners in Finland)

The next commenter thinks that (leftist party) ex-chair’s attitude on Finns is racism, ”the Social Democrats are racialists”.


The next comment defends the right to choose a spouse.


Nasima and Jutta got criticized by the audience and they had to call the police.



Eugenics suggested