Censorship in Canada

Censorship in Canada

Is criticizing ”the beloved leader of Canada” allowed in principle but technically prevented?
Source http://pamelageller.com/2017/01/pamela-geller-wnd-facebooks-censoring-truth.html/

My name is Bernadette Boudreault and I admin numerous popular anti-Trudeau/Liberal Facebook pages here in Canada. Our pages are being deleted by Facebook with no reasons given, but now even our members are being censored. In December the two top popular pages in Canada called “Justin Trudeau Not” and my page “Justin Trudeau is an Idiot” were both unpublished, we have had to start all over, losing over 40,000 members. When my page was deleted we were post reaching into the millions every week.

Over the last few weeks I have been having problems leaving comments on many of my other pages. In the beginning I just thought it was me and maybe my computer was freezing. Now I know this is not the case. A lot of members have now been posting on many different pages on which they too are having problems leaving comments. This intentional technical issue is hurting our post reach as many members frustrated by not being allowed to comment just give up. Just this morning on another page I admin called “I hate Justin Trudeau” a member posted that she was having the same issue. In just over an hour over 50 other members have said they are experiencing the same problems. We are being censored … both pages and now our members. This is only happening on anti-Trudeau sites and this is really happening.

Finnish magazine Suomen Kuvalehti 32/2016 reported of Justin Trudeau’s Finnish fans and claimed that he is very popular in Canada and overseas. This misleading article was written by Tuomas Pulsa. Of course it was propaganda, which is very common in the Finnish mainstream media. This magazine lied to its readers.